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Dillon provides in-home instruction to a large number of students each week! He offers in person instruction to those who are in his local travel area. He also offers virtual lessons through Zoom to students from all over!

Lessons are personalized based on students interest, time commitment, and overall manner in which each they learn. 


Contact him to learn about pricing and scheduling.


AMAZING! Dillon is very professional and really know's what he is talking about. He is a great teacher for my 12 year old daughter, she has learned so much in the past 3 years from him! - Denise from Downers Grove IL

Dillon took my 3 chord abilities to full "scale" abilities.  
Certain chord structures and scales had always previously baffled me.  I had pretty much given up on ever really learning how to do anything more that just play open and power chords.  
              Dillon simplified so much of what previously confused me and today it all just feels so natural.  I had played guitar for about 5 years when I first got instruction from Dillon,  and in that time I learned so much more than in the previous 5 years it's been amazing.
              Whether you are a beginner or someone like myself with a few years experience and suddenly hit a "wall" I would certainly recommend going to Dillon first and opening a a brand new world of guitar playing for yourself.
You rock Dillon! - Eric from Naperville, IL

Love him!  Dillon individually instructs my 8 and 12 years old sons.  He also works with all three of my sons to play together, drums, guitar and keyboard.  His passion for music comes through in his instruction and his ability to engage the boys.  He is a teacher who respects differing personalities, temperament and mood of the day.  The boys so enjoy playing, especially together which is priceless! -Jennifer from Downers Grove, IL

Dillon is an amazing guitar teacher! He has been teaching my 13 year old daughter for the past 2 years now. He is very patient with her, and she has learned so much! Dillon really personalizes the lesson plans (he even taught her a taylor swift song!) He comes to your home, so I never have to worry about driving somewhere. He is such a talented musician- but also very polite and professional. - Maria from Downers Grove, IL

My 5 year old son and I started taking in home guitar lessons a year ago with Dillon.  He was referred to me by a friend who also lives in Glen Ellyn.  I've wanted to learn to play the guitar for a long time and because my youngest son was interested, i asked if Dillon had enough time to give us each a lesson.  He comes to our house (which is awesome because I have 4 kids), he is very professional but also fun.  He brings new songs for me each week and asks my kids (who are all 4 now taking lessons with him) what songs they like.  He has brought prizes for my youngest boys and they seem to really enjoy learning from him.  Now we just need my husband to start lessons and we'll be a family band!  Ha!
Seriously, I highly recommend Dillon for all ability levels.  He has done research to find songs I would enjoy learning and my kids all really look forward to their lessons. - 
Alexandra from Glen Ellyn

Dillon teaches myself and my son guitar. He is very knowledgeable about any type of music. He is always on time, professional but laid back. He will teach my son any type of music that he is currently interested in. My son also takes music class in school, and has really excelled in that as well. Dillon plays professionally as well, and has invited us out to see him play in a live band, which really sparked my sons interest. - Ben from Naperville IL

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